Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Out and about again...

 Taking a Hooters chick I've drawn before and tried to push the exaggeration a bit farther this time.  Likeness is a bit questionable now, but it did what it was supposed to do, and that's get me away from my comfort zone.
 Again, pushing form farther on a previous live sketch.
 "Is that the woman that was sitting over there a minute ago?"  Yes siree Bob.  Could've brought the jaw down JUST a hair more though.  She had it, but I was too afraid of turning her into a dude in drag at that point.

 With these two, it was an exercise in not over-shading them, to keep them as feminine as possible.

 This was done at Denny's.  She was kinda hungry over there.

 The resident rocker of the karaoke nights.  It's funny how he always has a scowl.

 This one is supposed to be innocent, though I had to be very careful about this one for what should be the obvious reasons...  Yes, it was a lollipop.

 Didn't quite turn out how I would've liked her to but they can't all be winners right?
 Can you tell that I started him off as a rectangular shape? 
 The one that's two below her actually came first.  This one was more of a secondary study I did after the first.
 Mrs. "MALL CLOSED, FOOD COURT CLOSED"  LOL.  She'll let you know when it's time to go!
 This was the original sketch that the second study was based off of.  Likeness is good, though upturned noses depending on the type can still be a pain for me sometimes.  When you're so used to straight and downturned from the park it can sometimes throw you off when you need to do something else.  All it means is that I gotta do more of them, that's all.
 Once again, not all of them are winners.  IMO, I struck out at the plate here.
Amazing how an initial pick shape and two wedges can define an entire picture.  Wasn't actually going for an accurate likeness here as much as I was trying to warm my mind back up to thinking in simple shapes again for the foundations.  For some reason she reminds me of a really jacked up Alice Edun, though that could also be attributed to watching a peek of Put 'Em Up being played over on the Dance Dance Revolution X machine too.

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