Wednesday, June 19, 2013

60's Batman Collection

 Cesar Romero's Joker
 Burgess Meredith's Penguin
Frank Gorshin's Riddler
Eartha Kitt's Catwoman

4 cards so far.  More shall be uploaded to this collection soon.

Some new stuff from the park.

 Not too shabby.  I like the chick the most of the two.
 Demo portrait practice.  Definitely some work to be done still, but it's getting there.
 Dr. Who no. 11, done in sepia tone.  More of a test to see what I can do with it and see what I can work better on.  I gotta start keeping in mind that these don't have to be as rushy as a theme park caricature.
 Jermaine, done as a demonstration to one of my newest members of my caricature clan in an effort to show her how to deal with certain hair types.  The fuzz above his lip is too dark though, it's the only real strike I have against the sketch.
 They wanted to be surfing with sharks.  So in both cases they've got sharks propping their boards up.  One is a bit more loving than the other though.
 Side profile that sold.  Parents loved it, and while I didn't do as much with it as I would've liked due to keeping within the time restrictions, it's one of the better sold ones I've done.
 Ninja kid.  Had a bit of a Samurai Warriors meets MAD with this one.  Nobounaga doesn't seem to be all to pleased with how one boy wiped out his army.  lol
 Older couple.  Loved drawing this one for it's challenge.  Also tried something a bit different with the people placement that I think worked out a bit better, though admittedly I feel this is easier to pull off with portraits.
And finally, a portrait study I did from a sketch done by the absolutely amazing Candace Brown.  I think I figured out quite a bit of stuff from this one.

The Dr. Who Collection

 Dr. Who no. 1 and 11. (Matt Smith and William Hartnell)  This one sold almost immediately after I finished it.  I kept no.1 in black and white for the vintage effect.  I could've colored him, as the photo reference I used of him was in color, but it's better this way.

Dr. Who no. 9 with assistant Rose Tyler.  I caught a glimpse of the first episode with the living plastic and decided to do this based on that.  Yes, I'm well aware that she's also rolls with Who no. 10 for a bit, but she originated with Christopher Ecclestion so that's how I chose to approach it.

Dr. Who no. 10 with Martha Jones.  Rose is part of 10 as well but I chose Martha instead as she originated in with this doctor in particular.  I see why the modern series blew up with David Tenant.  He's a riot.

And last at this moment but not least Donna Noble feat. DALEKS!  I had no intention whatsoever of doing this one, but a dear friend of mine requested that I draw her up too, so here you go.  That and it gave me an excuse to draw Daleks since she was paired up with Who. 10 as well (he got around) and there's no other modern doctors to draw as of right now.  Maybe a smaller scale piece of the others that haven't been drawn are in order.  I got a feeling we're not done here.  If I've come to realize anything about Donna, its that she's very structure dependant to get a solid likeness out of her.  Of course I can see things that could be changed, but as long as it's done live and out in that park that'll always be the case.