Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's been a while...

Just to show you that I'm still at it and that things still do happen.  These were some of the ones from the park this year.

This is something personal I've worked on on my own time.

And this was from my third event with the Zombie Caricatures guys.  Improving, and still learning new stuff each time.  They will always prove to be a great challenge and a true test of what you really know versus what you THINK you know.  I went with a bit of a different approach this time and I think the results are a lot better for it.  I've also gotten quicker with them too.

And then this totally unexpected thing happens at work one day.  Whoever did this has an extremely good eye for detail.  Seeing your work immortalized on skin like this is always a great honor.  This makes the second piece of artwork.