Monday, September 10, 2012

Finally, some new stuff...

Another one of the Hooters ladies I see whenever I go there.  It looks good, but I know I missed on something with her though.
 Karaoke singer.  It was karaoke night at the mall so in typical fashion I figured I'd make the most of it.  I don't know her personally, but I do know she works at the theme park as I see her around here and there.
 Little does he know, he more than likely got friend zoned.  I'm thinking that I want to do something with this one down the road eventually as I like the feeling of it.  To think it just started off with two random heads, wasn't even planning on going there.
Two older guys watching the singers go at it on stage.  I feel like I took more chances with the one on the bottom, but I do like both of them for their own reasons.

Well, if you've noticed anything different about these random out and about sketches, it's that they weren't done with Art Academy.  Reason being, is that I'm beginning to like just going at it in a sketchbook with a pen better.  Yeah, you can't erase, but crosshatching is so relaxing at times.  It puts my mind at peace a bit, which is great considering that I'll have a ton on my mind sometimes.

They do take longer because of this, which means I don't do as many as I usually can do with Art Academy. Small price to pay though.