Saturday, July 14, 2012

New live stuff

 One of my students at work.  He did almost 600 in sales in a single day, which is the official high for the first years as of right now.  I figured since he did that I'd do that sketch that he wanted me to do.  Can you tell I had fun with it?
 Another co-worker from work.  His face is a field day.
 And another co-worker from work.
 One of the few b&w sketches I've done this year to go in a good frame package.  Doesn't happen enough IMO.
 A body builder teenager with some HUGE arms.  Don't know what came over me when I started on the body, but I'm glad it did.  Likeness was spot on too, and the parents knew it.
And finally, a sketch of a little girl.  Quickie, and pretty standard fare.

Monday, July 9, 2012

A new batch of live traditional.

 She's based off of an old reject I did earlier in the season.  I think the nose might still cause it to be a reject, but it does look cuter and a bit more youthful this time.
 Old demo from a couple weeks back.  Decided to give him color.
 A drawing of a kid with glasses.  I'm really beginning to like that mineral orange.  It DOES tend to look more natural than the golden rod color.  I feel like I don't have to mess with it as much at times.
 A random couple of guests I drew that day.  The lady happened to be a model, and I've become a fan on her fan page recently.  As with anyone in the industry, I wish them the best of luck and that they shoot for the stars.
 A fun Tarzan and Jane themed one.  I feel like the bodies are definitely improving.
And this young guy was a live demo while it was slow.  Dad saw it and looked a little disturbed though, but regardless it was still fun to draw.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some more in park sketches

 She wanted to be just standing there.  Could've done more with it, but at least I did ask her her favorite color, and whether she's a solids, stripes, or dots kind of girl.
 Family of five.  Actually glad that they decided to remove the sixth person from the sketch, not necessarily because it couldn't work but because I think it wouldn't have been beneficial to the composition.
 A demo.  All his friends around him said it looked just like him, but he HATED it.  Must be the wide open mouth and teeth.
 A couple.
 Another couple, this one turned out a bit better.  Especially the dude.
And then there's this couple, who was probably the best sketch I did last night.  Still working on some things, but I think this 3/4 view business is really starting to cook now.