Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Matt Smith and William Hartnell Dr. Who revisited

The old...
 And the BOLD!

And the two of them side by side on the table as small prints.

 The original park sketch that you see up there actually sold and is the only one that I don't have hanging up on the wall.  Besides that fact though, it's also the main sketch of the entire group that was a definite candidate for a digital followup as I felt it was the weakest of the four Who sketches.

Needless to say, much of the faces on both doctors were altered considerably.  Especially Matt Smith's likeness, but a lot of William Hartnell was reworked as well. Also changed up some background elements, particularly with the lightning bolt, and the TARDIS flying in the distance.  I felt like it told a more epic story that way.

Technique wise, I went back to the older digital acrylic settings similar to the ones I used for the painting of Christie.  I didn't allow for the gradients to be as smooth as that one though, as I needed their their faces to look a bit more chiseled and defined.  I was thinking of making it more detailed, but started feeling like too much would take away from the whimsical feel that I felt like was really showing its head.  1000 wrinkles or no, you can still tell who it is.

That said, I am considering another Who revisiting.  But I think this one will be done with real canvas and paints.  Stay tuned.