Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Zombie Caricatures!

 The first one I did as a test for things.  Getting a basic feel for things.
 Another one.  Still working on it.
 I like the look of it, but still a bit too complicated for my liking.  That and it wasn't until the next one where I figured out why the blood was bugging me.
 Redraw of a sketch from early last year.  This time using a red marker for the blood.  It's quicker and looks a LOT better.
 Starting to get there a bit more now.  He needed to look a bit deader, and I also needed to watch my coloring as well.  It's really easy for these to get too muddied up.
 Redraw of the first concept sketch.  Much more like it this time.  Definitely getting nastier.
 The first zombie sketch I've done of myself in a while.  If I didn't know any better, that looks like it should really hurt.
 The second real person done this way.  Starting to incorporate brains now.
 The second actual sale.  The first one was done beforehand and I couldn't get around to taking a picture of it.  Found some ways to simplify it for the sake of time, but it still looks pretty decent.  They liked it.
 He wanted football incorporated into it somewhere.  I incorporated it into his head.
 This one was the start of a bit of a different approach to it.  I felt like this was when they started cooking.
 Tried some new things with this one too.  That split head thing is the pits...
This one was done at home for someone who saw my instagram posts and wanted one too.  I used it as an excuse to try out things, and because of that it took two hours just about.
Still gruesome, but still recognizable.  I'm seriously surprised that I got away with giving her the chin that I did.
 This one kinda got rushed to finish, so cuts (no pun intended) were made.  Still worthwhile though.
 Enter, THE MOUSE.  His face turned out really interesting.
 The dude's ok, but the chick...  She turned out almost entirely how I envisioned it.

This mom and daughter duo was very interesting.  Was shooting for personalities more than the gross factor here, though I do like how what I planned out in my head mostly happened how it was supposed to.

So if it's anything I've come to realize about these is that often times you can still get good results without even doing a lot to them.  I've also found that due to the nature of these, there's things I seem to be able to get away with in terms of the head that I normally wouldn't be able to do on a regular park sketch which I find absolutely fantastic.  What I've found is that just doing two to three different things tops will usually sell the idea just enough.  Too much, and you'll run the risk of cluttering up the sketch like I did with some of the ones in the beginning.  Clutter puts a hurting on likenesses, as you still need a certain amount of facial clarity in order to be able to see the person inside the sketch that's being maimed.

Feel free to check back to this album, as more of them along with insights will be added as Howl O' Scream progresses.

10-1-2013 update.  Some new ones.
Just looking at how I handled the blood on the blade makes me cringe...
 Another couple.  Tried a couple new approaches to these ones.  I think the gal turned out really interesting.
And this kid wanted the undead special as well.  Yeah, he's definitely the man, with that stake in his head!  Mom LOVED it!
One note for this week:  I'm finding that drawing sticky and stretchy stuff looks cool when done right.

10-22 Update.  

Zombie wedding proposal.  The only full body one I've done so far.

 With these two, they came to me specifically to get theirs drawn.  The daughter especially wanted to be bloodied up really good.  Come find out her and dad are also artists themselves, which is always an awesome thing.
 Hey, you're not supposed to... OMG!!!!
 Looks like she had a rough day at the park.  The infected pets at Pet Shenanigans got to her.
 Is that blood from her mouth from an injury, or from a previous brain buffet?
 These two got stuck on Apollo's chariot.  Unfortunately, the ride operators were infected too.
 Some zombie wants her brain the "posh" way, we're actually gonna cut it up first like real people!  Her friend is amused.
 Before going to Busch this day, he was told to make sure his wife didn't get "ahead" of herself...
 The infected eagles in the wild reserve decided that the park food was no longer going to cut it.
 These two walked into DEADLINE one way, and came out minus their souls.  The dead of Pompeii LIVES!

Save for the first one, this new batch has one major difference.  The use of foamies.  It actually makes the coloring and shading quicker and easier, and it doesn't bunch up like crazy like it normally would either.  Back in my second year in the park I used one for a little bit but didn't like the results of it at the time.  While I probably wouldn't use it for the regular sketches in the park just because of the nature of them, it will be used for every zombie at this point, and quite possibly every commission I do.  It gives everything a finished look that doesn't require as much effort and allows me to have more coloring options for shading too since colors like indigo blue won't initially go on as strong anymore.  There is another one that I'm working on for someone, but I won't post it until it's totally done.  I will say that the foamie went a long way toward getting the results that I got from it.


Absolutely, positively cannot forget this one.  If I have words to describe it, she's beautifully ugly!

Oh, and one more for the road.  This one's all about the ponies.  The contrast is quite striking if you ask me.