Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Zombie commission!

Went for a different approach with the lines and overall coloring on this one.  I At one point I was almost scared to color it, but I'm glad I finished it up anyway.  It definitely looks different than the ones from last year, but it's cool in its own way.

Zombies of Howl O'Scream 2014

Last year when I did these, one of the things that stood out to me about them negatively was how long it took me to do them.  They looked fine, but between the undersketching and every other little thing in between they took too long in the end.  So this season, I've figured out a few ways to streamline things.  The biggest one, is killing the undersketching.  This has its benefits of taking out an entire step, but on the flip side,  it makes certain decisions a bit more difficult to execute and control than it would normally.  Nonetheless, I'm really shooting to get myself NOT to chicken out on certain things regardless and go after them anyway, which you will see will have varying degrees of success.

He was a reject, though the way it went down was hilarious.  Mom decided to let the second person run off and when it came time for her she went to go look for her... Never to return.  The name was covered to protect the innocent.

Nearly successful head split here.  just wish I didn't start it as a scrape.