Friday, June 29, 2012


Probably the only good thing to come out of the park today.  This was done from a photograph, and from what I was told by a co-worker the owners couldn't get enough of it!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More live stuff to see...

 Family of five.  The wife almost didn't sit down for it after the husband was drawn.  She got scared.  I've noticed this tends to happen a lot after the children are drawn.  In some cases I think it stems from the idea that they realize that I DO draw adults differently from the kids.
 Another couple.  Interesting thing with the guy was that his nose actually was turned slightly to the right when you looked at him head on.  Decided to go for a semi 3/4 view on the wife.  I think it worked out very well for the picture.  Shame that the photo didn't pick up on the coloring well.   Would've took a better shot, but was pressed for time.
 These ladies were great and full of character.  Makes it easier to draw them.  Gotta be careful with these necks though.  Sometimes the portrait sensibilities makes me want to make them wider than they should be.
 He won a giant stuffed dog from one of the games in the park.  The only thing I despise about this sketch was that he made me knock off the 5 O'Clock shadow and stubble.  I think doing that hurt the likeness a bit.
 This one could've so used color.  Like it, but not as much as I could have.  Head tilt is a little wrong too as I didn't trust my judgment as much as I should have.
 Quick, but good.  3/4 view sketching is finally starting to feel a bit more comfortable for me to do.  Still not perfect, but things are actually starting to go where they need to.
And then there's this one.  I like the other two as well, but I feel like I REALLY nailed the girl at the bottom. The expression, the hat, everything.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Three kids, Pompeii, and orange experimentation at the lab.

 This one kinda ended on a cute note.  The little guy wanted to take me home at first, but told him a handshake would work a bit better as obviously I can't go home with him.  *lol*  But then after that, proceeds to give me a hug.  I can't say that in this business anything of that sort happens too much so when it does it kinda warms the heart a bit.  Fun sketch too, picked up a funny vibe from the family and decided to let it get a little zany.
 Random person walking around that I drew from memory.  She was my test subject for using mineral orange as an option for medium complexions.  I must say it definitely has it's merits.
And we end it with the average cuticature.  She wanted to be on one of the water rides so I chose Escape from Pompeii.  I kinda liked how the perspective actually looked pretty decent in this picture.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Some stuff from the job...

 Quick B&W.  People seem to be really after these kinds of sketches this year, moreso than the usual.
We've got a war going on over here.  The little guy was an artist himself and had a ton of creative ideas to implement here.  Particularly, the mustache.

 Both of these guys were out of the training manual.  Used them both as an excuse to work on coloring and coming up with newer methods to doing that.
 I liked this sketch overall, but a couple things could be different about it.  He was at a fairly challenging angle so I know technically something got blown here and there, and I could've been a bit more subtle with the lines on the woman.  So hard to do sometimes when you see so much stuff in front of you.
And this is one of a co-worker of mine at the park.  I actually spent some quality time on this one in an effort to get the values right and to see just how far that peach color stick could go before I'd have to use another color with it.  Come to find out, it's VERY far to be honest with you.

I'm going to try to make a more concentrated effort to post more stuff on here, as I feel like I haven't been doing it enough lately