Thursday, May 23, 2013

And now FINALLY for some new stuff!

 The one and only Shigeru Miyamoto.  Definitely not the first time I've drawn him.  Probably won't be the last
 Random couple.  Liked the angles on this one, and her face was fun.  Wish it was in color though.
 I literally FORCED this guy into the chair.  Once again, I WISH THEY WANTED IT IN COLOR!!!
 Lady on the left is good, but I was really feeling the one on the right.  Mothers Day present.
 Couple issues aside, I like how it turned out.
 One of the most fun sketches of the year so far.  He wanted to ride a 4 wheeler (I guess it looks like one, LOL) and wanted her flying off of it!  At one point this sketch drew a crowd of about 10 people.
 New family of three demo sketch up at Trappers. Decided to try some new dynamics with this one.
And last, but NEVER least, Eartha Kitt Catwoman from the 60's Batman!  Her and Lee Meriwether were MY Catwoman girls, even if Lee only starred in the movie and Eartha only did 3 episodes of season 3 with Batgirl.   Shhhh.... I'm showing my age....