Friday, August 26, 2011

Some stuff from the park...

First of several sketches this day, which began the onslaught of nonstop bodies.  I believe out of all of the ones I did on Wednesday, only about 3 of them were just the face.  I dig it though.  These guys for the most part were fun to draw, though, she warned me NOT to give him a 5 o'clock shadow.  SERIOUSLY!?

 Going for the Marilyn Monroe thing.  Epic fail on the skirt IMO as it was one of those things that you know HOW it should look, but still manage to screw it up anyway.  I approve of everything else though, the look on her face is spot on.
 She wanted to look like Nicki Minaj.  Sorta winged the outfit, but it still gets the job done as the "assets" are there.  Otherwise, those guys in the back wouldn't be drooling over her.  *lol*
 Simple sketch.  She wanted a parrot on her arm.  Can't argue with that.

 Finally had someone ask for Jessica freakin' Rabbit!  This one was entertaining in more ways than one.
 Face sketch from the day before.  I believe it was the first of the day too.  Actually turned out pretty good considering that.  The chick in the chair was a good sport too, and the rest of the family was loving it.
Every once in a while, shit happens.  Sometimes it's avoidable, in others like this, not so much.   Apparently, her mom didn't want her eyes to be drawn small.  Wouldn't be an issue if her eyes actually weren't, but they were so in a situation like this it boils down to two things.  Do you trust your instincts and what you REALLY see, draw it up and see where the chips fall?  Or do you try to appease them, knowing that often times there's still a high risk of losing the sale anyway because something else will be wrong?  I went with the former, and unfortunately it didn't get past this point.  I tried to explain to her that if you want the likeness the eyes are going to have to be that way otherwise you run the risk of losing it, but she wouldn't hear it.  She then complained about having a portrait done that didn't work out either (I wish I knew this earlier), so being the nice guy I can be I decided to try and work with her.  I drew out a couple mock images with examples of eye sizes that we could potentially work from.  Unfortunately, I guess she wasn't feeling that either as she bailed right after that.  Oh well, it's how the cookie crumbles.


  1. great caricatures bro! a shame about the rejected one though,it looks like it was on it's way to being another great pic.

  2. Thanks.

    It was supposed to be her little daughter playing tennis. But yeah, couldn't even get hint of the eyelids in there before it died.

    The thing was though, I sorta heard her mentioning something about big eyes when I was drawing Bwina up there, but thought it was coming from someone else and not them. From the way it sounded, she must have been hoping I'd do the exact same drawing for her daughter but just change up the hair and such. To that I say no sweetheart, not everybody out here does generic stamp faces. Sure, we all have our stylistic tendencies, and in rush situations of 6 or more people behind your line you DO sometimes end up stamping them out a bit, (over-thinking slows you down, the quicker you get the idea, the better) but when it's slower? I avoid it at all costs, as IMO it'll do you no artistic favors. Anyone can learn a go-to stamp pattern, (and make thousands in the process) very few actually can get a genuine likeness consistently. That's what I personally strive for.