Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just some examples of stuff from work.

 Demo.  Just trying out some things here and there.
 Fellow artist A.J. Scott.  Was a slow day so I actually spent a bit more time on it.  Was trying to push line and color a bit here.
Mom and daughter combo.  I kinda like this one for the shapes and expressions.
The two above are a bit more typical of what the guests generally get.  You try to make them pleasing to the guests, yet somewhere around the line try to keep them pleasing to yourself as well.  It's a balance that on some days it's easier done than on others.  Always will be things I'm wishing I did when doing them, but when you're doing these in 6 minutes or less per person, something ALWAYS gets thrown on the chopping block.  Even moreso when there's a line of impatient people behind you like there was here.

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