Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sketching outside of the box.

This was a small sketch I did of a lady sitting in one of the chairs by the easel in front of me.  Somehow, this actually turned out, dare I say it, good?  One can be so used to sketching people one way (in our case it's front face) that to go about it another way without some sort of planning (at least for me sometimes), can end in epic failure with features all over the place and a likeness that's dead upon the first mark on the page.  For some reason, that didn't happen this time.  Maybe this is my brain reminding me that I have to trust the images it projects more.  Makes life a lot easier when you do.

Oh, that hint of a guy beside her.  He's the epic fail I was talking about when you don't trust yourself.  I should've took the complete picture of it anyway but I was too annoyed with it at the time to bother.

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