Monday, July 9, 2012

A new batch of live traditional.

 She's based off of an old reject I did earlier in the season.  I think the nose might still cause it to be a reject, but it does look cuter and a bit more youthful this time.
 Old demo from a couple weeks back.  Decided to give him color.
 A drawing of a kid with glasses.  I'm really beginning to like that mineral orange.  It DOES tend to look more natural than the golden rod color.  I feel like I don't have to mess with it as much at times.
 A random couple of guests I drew that day.  The lady happened to be a model, and I've become a fan on her fan page recently.  As with anyone in the industry, I wish them the best of luck and that they shoot for the stars.
 A fun Tarzan and Jane themed one.  I feel like the bodies are definitely improving.
And this young guy was a live demo while it was slow.  Dad saw it and looked a little disturbed though, but regardless it was still fun to draw.

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