Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some more in park sketches

 She wanted to be just standing there.  Could've done more with it, but at least I did ask her her favorite color, and whether she's a solids, stripes, or dots kind of girl.
 Family of five.  Actually glad that they decided to remove the sixth person from the sketch, not necessarily because it couldn't work but because I think it wouldn't have been beneficial to the composition.
 A demo.  All his friends around him said it looked just like him, but he HATED it.  Must be the wide open mouth and teeth.
 A couple.
 Another couple, this one turned out a bit better.  Especially the dude.
And then there's this couple, who was probably the best sketch I did last night.  Still working on some things, but I think this 3/4 view business is really starting to cook now.

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