Saturday, July 14, 2012

New live stuff

 One of my students at work.  He did almost 600 in sales in a single day, which is the official high for the first years as of right now.  I figured since he did that I'd do that sketch that he wanted me to do.  Can you tell I had fun with it?
 Another co-worker from work.  His face is a field day.
 And another co-worker from work.
 One of the few b&w sketches I've done this year to go in a good frame package.  Doesn't happen enough IMO.
 A body builder teenager with some HUGE arms.  Don't know what came over me when I started on the body, but I'm glad it did.  Likeness was spot on too, and the parents knew it.
And finally, a sketch of a little girl.  Quickie, and pretty standard fare.

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