Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Some stuff from the job...

 Quick B&W.  People seem to be really after these kinds of sketches this year, moreso than the usual.
We've got a war going on over here.  The little guy was an artist himself and had a ton of creative ideas to implement here.  Particularly, the mustache.

 Both of these guys were out of the training manual.  Used them both as an excuse to work on coloring and coming up with newer methods to doing that.
 I liked this sketch overall, but a couple things could be different about it.  He was at a fairly challenging angle so I know technically something got blown here and there, and I could've been a bit more subtle with the lines on the woman.  So hard to do sometimes when you see so much stuff in front of you.
And this is one of a co-worker of mine at the park.  I actually spent some quality time on this one in an effort to get the values right and to see just how far that peach color stick could go before I'd have to use another color with it.  Come to find out, it's VERY far to be honest with you.

I'm going to try to make a more concentrated effort to post more stuff on here, as I feel like I haven't been doing it enough lately

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