Thursday, June 21, 2012

Three kids, Pompeii, and orange experimentation at the lab.

 This one kinda ended on a cute note.  The little guy wanted to take me home at first, but told him a handshake would work a bit better as obviously I can't go home with him.  *lol*  But then after that, proceeds to give me a hug.  I can't say that in this business anything of that sort happens too much so when it does it kinda warms the heart a bit.  Fun sketch too, picked up a funny vibe from the family and decided to let it get a little zany.
 Random person walking around that I drew from memory.  She was my test subject for using mineral orange as an option for medium complexions.  I must say it definitely has it's merits.
And we end it with the average cuticature.  She wanted to be on one of the water rides so I chose Escape from Pompeii.  I kinda liked how the perspective actually looked pretty decent in this picture.

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