Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yet another one from the park.

12 x 16 Acrylic on canvas.

This one was a little rushed, as the threat of rain clouds and thunder kept me from working on this one too long.  However, at the same time it really made look at forms and color as a value a lot more and to be honest I think this one turned out a LOT better for it.  The scene itself wasn't technically like this, as the coast on the other side of the piece was actually much farther away in reality, but I chose to do it this way as a means to challenge myself to be able to keep things coherent despite any changes I wanted to make.  Another thing I wanted to do was more consistent color in the piece, even if that meant only using one palette plate for the entire thing.  That ended up helping out a lot more than I anticipated it would.

I think what surprises me the most is the amount of improvement after just three of these paintings, especially if you compare it to the one I did just two weeks ago.  My sight is really improving on these and I hope it only gets better from here.

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