Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Some new in-park stuff

 A sketch of the parents.  Was a bit rusty in the beginning that day but was starting to feel things again at this point.
 And then there's the kids.  Yes, the top one wanted to be drawn throwing up!  Yes, you WILL get these kind of requests now and then.  Prepare for them.
 Busch supervisor that I sniped at Festa.  Cool with it for the most part, but there is stuff that I would definitely alter about it.  Especially after seeing him up close.
 Incomplete Yoda in marker!  Those chartpaks can go quite the distance if you give them a chance.
 Random demo sketch from a morning at Scotland.  For the most part it hit the mark, albeit with subtle errors.  Then again, it's also a 4 minute sketch.
The little boy was cool, and the reason I snapped the photo.

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