Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DOOM AND GLOOM! Black and White night at The WAVE!

 The banner for the night.  I did the sketches and the logo for it, and the design was by Das Figurehead.  Totally done at the last minute, but you know what?  It couldn't have come out better looking.

All of these are done with the standard marker, but I decided to do some basic shading with the black color stick.  Granted, at work I wouldn't do this since it only takes up time that you could be using to draw the next customer, but when you're on your own it never hurts to take a couple steps into places that you usually don't get to explore too much.  Who knows, you might learn something!

I kinda "sniped" him from a distance when things were a little slow in the beginning.  Good practice from memory.  I'd obviously change some things if I did it again, especially if he actually sat in the chair, but I thought the decisions I made were pretty fun.

 Second's best likeness of the night IMO.
 Cute, but fun.
 Took a new chance on that chin that I normally don't.  This could be put to good use.
And with this one, I actually spent a little more time on, and changed up the approach a bit.  I'm actually very pleased that the majority of the forms came out like they were supposed to.

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