Sunday, December 16, 2012

Some personal sketches out of the book.

 This one was a fairly quick one on the 3DS's new Art Academy Lesson's for Everyone app.  It's a definite improvement, though not without with issues that I'll explain in a bit.

 So this this one, though this one was done entirely with the program's paints.  It's obviously WAY easier to do stuff like this when the subject sits still for you, but I'm doing this as a challenge anyway.
A third painting/sketch.  This one I started off with the pencils on and then used the paints to pull out tones and highlights.  Obviously not the greatest looking thing I've ever done, but I did this just to see how some of my decisions affected the look of a sketch.
 Sketch of a model.  Trying to work the figure out a bit more, though I can't say for sure that pen is the best choice to do this with.  Yeah, I do start them off in pencil (you can see the marks), but sometimes pens can feel so forced with these kinds of studies.
 Random guy.  Ended up taking him mostly from memory since he left so sudden.  It's fun for what it is though.
 Random lady.
 I can't remember entirely what I was going for here.  I THINK the outfit was real, but the way I interpreted it made it out to be a bit different than what I originally saw.  Kinda stiff looking, though I could blame that on the gesture.
 She had a really interesting face, but I left it at this since when I started inking the body it all started going to hell and back. (lol)  Ah well, you live and learn.
Flaws aside, this subject was one of my better stabs at the figure with perspective taken into account. The pose was created, since obviously she wasn't standing there the whole time for something like that.

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