Sunday, December 16, 2012

Some more live work that I didn't get around to posting earlier.

 This was a demo that I picked out from the crowd to draw to try and attract a little business.  It took a couple of these that day, but it did get started.
 Staying simple, but straight to the point.  This couple ended up really liking the sketch and got it framed up.
 This one was really quick, but once again straight to the point.  The ladies in the picture did get touched up a little, which I don't necessarily love doing.  However it does keep folks happy so sometimes you just gotta roll with it, you know.
 This one could've backfired in so many ways considering the request that she had.  We worked out a bit of a compromise and ultimately she loved it in the end.  I loved coloring the hair, and drawing out the scenario, it was a lot of fun.
 Another couple.  Decent likeness given the speed of it.
 So, my friend wanted me to draw her little Bella.  The angle of the photo proved to be quite the challenge, but I'm definitely not the type to back down from it as long as I instinctively know how something is supposed to go.  She's quite the affectionate ol' gal from what I remember, so I made sure to reflect that in her eyes and in the thought bubble.
 One of the finer moments in the simpler style.  Dude was about as right as he was going to get this way, the lady is fine though I do wonder if my decision with her nose was sound.  Granted, that could be my technical side wanting to do more with it too.  Admittedly, I don't particularly want to limited myself to drawing straight noses on everyone all day too, so the effort with it's warts is better than playing it too safe.  You can't grow that way.
 A couple friends I know.  I'm ok with the one of the left, but I think it should be pretty obvious that I had a much better visual lock on the one on the right.  Then again, the personality differences in the picture sorta works to it's advantage too.
 Co-worker running from her boyfriend with a chainsaw in hand.  These sketches are always funny as hell, and it's a shame that I hardly got to do any of them this Halloween season.
 This trio was just drawn out of the blue.  I saw them, it wasn't busy, so I decided to make things happen.  They ended up loving it and got a pretty good sale from it too.  I like how it's simple, but it's still sorta in-depth looking.  Especially the girl on the top.
The ONE and only sketch I got a picture of from Nekocon this year, and even then I was too busy to take it since my line was absolutely crazy and nonstop for about 3 hours and some after. (thank you to my ever so awesome photographer and assistant that day, wouldn't have worked out the same without you).  This was probably one of the three best likenesses of the day.  Next year, I will be sure to take more photos when I do this, as likeness aside, some of them were still really cool in their own right.  
I remember drawing this one up as a warmup for a gig that I was heading to a little later that day.  Kept it simple, but still a pretty good one by my standards nonetheless.

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