Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Return of the selfie zombie...

Decided to draw myself as a zombie for the first time in about a couple years.  Last time it was for a price sign, and the time before it was for myself.  This time it's back to being for myself, except now there was actually specific stuff I wanted to do with it right off the bat.  Play on opposing angles of the head and jaw, having my hanging torso in the background, getting this pulling action with the lower jaw and the wound itself working, playing with blood spatters more, and some other stuff as well.

I might have managed to freak out a follower on instagram with this though...
For reference, this was one I did earlier
And the very first one I've done of myself.  It's been 7 years since this one, and 2 since the last.  Keep in mind, we still have the Dixon Markettes back then.

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