Thursday, August 22, 2013

A new portrait frontal after a long hiatus.

So, out of the blue I got another crack at frontals in the park.  This time I tried to get it closer to the newer technique that's being used for them.  If there's anything I like about this method, is that it does look pretty damn good once you get it down to a good degree.  It's got a much more painterly look to it that you wouldn't normally get without building up the values this way.  I still gotta get the time down on these, and there's a few things I still need to experiment with and improve upon but I like the direction these are starting to head into.   I do need to watch the size of the heads past the eyes though.  It's really easy to run yourself into caricatureville if you're not careful.  It might be as simple as doing a loose sketch of the overall shape and then adding the block-in for the eyes so as to use that as a potential measuring point.

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