Tuesday, July 30, 2013


THE CURRENT RULES as of 7-30-13  
Movement is easy.  Every $100 lets you move a space during the day until you get to a red battle square. At this point you are in battle, and accumulated net sales will only contribute to gaining experience until you match the level needed to beat the enemy. Each red space has it's own enemy, so you'll have to look at it's respective card to see what has to be done to beat it. Once an enemy is defeated you are allowed to start moving again the NEXT fiscal day.   

The ONLY exception to this rule is Derp the Dragon.  Derp is a pushover on START, so I will allow you to move on the first day if your net sales is more than $400 as a level up is every $300.  Ex.  You make $500.  You defeated Derp, but can only move 2 spaces ahead that day since the first $300 contributed to the experience needed to win the battle.  For every other battle it is the standard rules.

? Chance spaces.  There are three of these on the board.  If you land on this space you have to pull a random chance card to see what becomes of you on your quest.  As of today, chance cards will NOT be out in the open for you to pick yourself, so you must get a hold of a manager or supervisor to be able to pull one.  If an affliction on the card disables your movement for a day your avatar will have a red X drawn over it until the next fiscal day is over.

Beating all enemies through levels is one way to win.  The other way to win is through assist cards.  These can be acquired through various acts of valor that help us out at work during the day.  When you're eligible for one, you get to pick a random card out of the bag which gives you a specific boost which you can use for one time only.  The card must be returned to the box of the game master who gave it to you once it's used.

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