Sunday, January 6, 2013

That Christmas commission project

Single sketch of a guy.  I actually decided to go with the same angle of the head that the reference had on it. It turned out for the better as a result and helped individualize him among the group.
 One of the three children.  Wanted to be a drummer with a leopard skin print top.  The drum set was a challenge, but very fun to draw out nontheless.
 MMA fighter!  Also a fun one to do.  The mohawk was cool, and I like the shadows here.
 The first couple I drew out for this project.  Really pleased with how it turned out.
 Steam punk!  Never been asked to do anything like it before, but just the research behind it was worth the entire effort.  This shot was taken early for the sake of approval on the face, so there was no background to it yet.  I forgot to snap the final one unfortunately.
One more couple in the mix.  There were definitely challenges to this one, but it turned out nice regardless.

Each one of these was done on an 14 x 17 sized sheet of drawing paper with pen liners and brush pens for inking and colored with pencils and art stix.  If you want one of your own, let me know!  Drop me a message and I'll see what I can do for you!!

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