Thursday, October 20, 2011

Recent park stuff...

 Quick little warmup I did at the beginning of the day.
 Another demo for Howl-O' Scream.  I think this one might be tied with the chainsaw and screaming girlfriend one for best demo of the six that I've done.  Even then I've still liked all of them I've done for it.  Both of them came out of the Facial Expressions book, though instead of having brown hair, I gave the woman pink instead to reflect the Fiends in the Festhaus show.
 Quick portrait of a woman out of the Facial Expressions book by Mark Simon.  Drew and colored it in about 15 minutes as a warmup picture on another day.
 Was really happy about nailing the braids on her (and she was too), and also extremely happy with the likeness on the guy.  Even better considering that I believe he was my first customer that day.
 Might be one of the best looking sold sketches I've done for anyone this year.  Aside from a couple of "conscious trim downs" this is literally her.  Her friend thought so too.  The crowd around me was in awe about it.  The subject herself HATED it.  *lol*  She claimed I made her look too old, however in reality she had to have been late 30's, early 40's.  It was still bought though, however we all know the saying at this point: "You win some, you lose some.  Can't please everyone."
 The left dude is OK, but could be better.  It's the one on the right that made it worth taking a picture of.  Funny thing was that the older brother is shorter than the younger brother, so they wanted me to draw it out the opposite way. 
 Knights are always fun to draw.  Decided to try a few different things this time to see what came of it. 
 Couple.  Dude is about right, the chick could use some work though.

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